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Campfire Culture and Manhood

By Stu Nolan

We recently began holding some of our troop meeting activities around a campfire, and I mentioned at the time the importance of a campfire culture. Really, this point of emphasis began in January when we started working on Communication Badge, telling stories, practicing interviews and introductions, and delivering five minute speeches.

The building of fraternal bonds, the telling of stories and jokes, the sharing of songs and laughter, is an important rite of manhood. Honestly, aside from praying a nightly fireside rosary together, and the occasional nights when the adult leaders have got out the guitars and harmonica's, our troop has been slow to focus on this aspect of troop culture. Over the next several campouts, beginning with Summer Adventure 2014, we will be emphasizing the importance of the campfire and developing our own troop traditions.

Please come prepared to contribute in some way. One person may recite a poem, another might lead a song, and still another might tell a terrific tale. One patrol may entertain us with a well-rehearsed skit, and another might leave us all in stitches with a hilarious series of jokes and impersonations. I look forward to seeing what each boy has to offer.

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