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A Manly Spirit

Summer Camp and the Interior Life

By Stu Nolan

If our troop can be thought of as a way to have a lot of fun and adventure while learning what it means to be a man, we cannot fill every moment with activity and still hope to be manly in our spiritual life. Many people ignore God in their day to day activities, and many who go to Church never truly develop a personal relationship with The Lord. We can get so busy, even busy doing good works we believe will please God, that we forget to make time for an interior life: prayer, spiritual direction, reading, and reflection, and holiness. Because you cannot become a man and cling to an infantile spiritual life, summer camp will be full of activity but also some intentionally inactive time. It will include not only the Mass but also quiet time for spiritual reading, reflection and prayer.

Do you know what book you would like to bring to camp for this purpose? Have a suggestion for others? How do you observe God when encountering Him in nature? How do you listen to hear Him speaking to you in your life? I look forward to reading the thoughts you choose to share below.

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