Recent Legal Developments

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Recent Legal Developments

We invite you to participate in our discussion, but all participants must register and sign in.

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Welcome to the Internet home of Our Lady of Guadalupe Troop 1212, a unit of Trail Life USA -- the premier outdoor adventure and national character development organization for teaching boys of all ages how to provide faithful, manly leadership within their families, communities, and the Church.

A Catholic Troop

Trail Life USA is an expressly and unapologetically Christian organization, and Troop 1212 is steeped in a robust Catholic culture and authentically masculine fraternity. Chartered by Chelsea Academy in Front Royal, Virginia, and in service to the parish community of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, our troop maintains a strong commitment to the teachings of the Magisterium. While youth membership is open to boys of any faith tradition, adult leadership positions in Troop 1212 are restricted to Catholic men.

The Promise of Youth Adventuring

Our troop is as active as (if not more so than) any other boys organization that promotes adventure, instills character, and teaches leadership in a setting outdoor experiences facilitate the learning of lessons first popularized by Robert Baden Powell. Here is a list of the activities typical of any program year:

Outdoor Adventure

> Backcountry Expedition
> Backpacking
> Biking
> Camping
> Hiking
> Horseback Riding
> Rock Climbing
> Spelunking
> Summer Adventure Camp
> Winter Cabin Camping

Shooting Sports

> Airsoft Combat
> Archery
> Lasertag
> Pistol
> Rifle
> Shotgun

Trail Skills

> Campfires
> Canoeing & Kayaking
> First Aid
> Orienteering (Map & Compass)
> Fishing
> Outdoor Cooking
> RopeWork
> Swimming
> Woods Tools (Knife & Hatchet)


> The GROM (Great Race of Mercy) Dogsled Racing
> Iron Chef Outdoor Cooking
> Iron Man Relay
> Spoils of War
> Sports Campout
> Survival Shelters

Fraternity & Pure Fun

> Band of Brothers (Peer-Reinforced Formation)
> Bowling
> Game Night
> Go Karts & Bumper Cars
> March for Life
> Night at the (NRA) Museum
> Pizza Movie Night

The Legacy of Scouting

Although Troop 1212 has historic roots in the worldwide tradition known as "scouting", Troop 1212 no longer holds any connection whatsoever to the Boy Scouts of America. However, we strive to honor the legacy of that institution as we remembered it in its finest hour, when it unabashedly claimed to teach reverence and to instill virtuous conduct.

Patrol Method

Our troop is organized at the younger ages purely by age. Woodlands Trail youth are either in the Fox Patrol (ages 5-6), Hawk Patrol (ages 7-8), or the Mountain Lion Patrol (ages 9-10). Woodlands Trail boys meet parallel but separately from the older boys who comprise the Navigators (ages 11-13) and Adventurers (ages 14-17). In accordance with principles that Robert Baden Powell borrowed from the British military, Navigators and Adventurers form patrols of approximately 6-8 boys, in which the older and more experienced boys practice their leadership skills and teach their less experienced peers many of the skills they will need while youth adventuring. Each patrol adopts a distinct name related to the faith, as well as a patron saint for the patrol. Each patrol elects a Patrol Leader, an assistant Patrol Leader, and a Band of Brothers Mentor. The troop currently has five patrols:

Meet the Patrols

> Cristeros
> Crusaders
> Fulminata
> Knights of the Immaculata
> Vendee

Please imagine yourself taking a seat on one of the split-log benches encircling our campfire, and take a look around our web site. We think you'll find a useful template for developing a fun and challenging Trail Life program that takes very seriously the admonition to Raise the Standard and to Walk Worthy!